Superintendent Joan Carr passed away on February 9th, 2020 after a courageous struggle with cancer.

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In Loving Memory

Superintendent Joan Carr passed away on February 9th, 2020 after a courageous struggle with cancer.

Joan will always be known and loved as an individual with a passion for Catholic education and bringing students, staff, and families into a closer relationship with Jesus. Her legacy is part of the fabric of Edmonton Catholic Schools. Joan was passionate about providing students with a broad spectrum of faith-based programming to choose from in order to reach their fullest potential. This has established the character of our jurisdiction as one which provides for personalized programming to engage student gifts, talents, and passions through high quality Catholic educational experiences. Most of all Joan loved helping our students to walk with Jesus.

“Joan put students at the centre of every decision we made,” said Laura Thibert, Chair, Board of Trustees, Edmonton Catholic Schools. “The Board is heartbroken to lose her, as she was not only an amazing leader but dedicated her life to Catholic education and touched the hearts of everyone she knew. Her legacy will live on forever.”

Joan Carr began her career as a teacher before serving in other roles including Principal and Assistant Superintendent. In 2006, Joan Carr became Superintendent of Edmonton Catholic Schools. The 45 years that she dedicated to her vocation in our Division is a testament to her commitment to Catholic education and the community which she so loved.

Submitted condolences for Joan Carr

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.


I will always remember Joan being very kind to me. Rest in Peace.

     Bianca Campbell

Such a caring Women, always stopped to say hi.

     Nycole Kindree

I looked forward to Joan's words of wisdom to start the year, during the leadership breakfasts. The pearls of wisdom were always inspiring. With gratitude and appreciation for all her contributions and leadership in education, I would like to extend my sincere condolences.

     Carol Durnford

You will be greatly missed by the whole ECSD District. You are so beautiful and I will never forget your pretty colorful high-heel shoes and your voice! May you rest in peace!

     Sharon Deng

Prayers to Joan and her Entire Family. Rest in Paradise ❤❤

     Daniel. S

I only had the pleasure of meeting Joan once, but I was taken aback at how much time she spent in talking to me. She only knew I was a new employee and was so friendly and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. She welcomed me warmly and I have heard countless stories on her warmth and her treatment of people regardless of who they were and what position they were in. She will be dearly missed.

     Jason Kalirai

I will always remember Joan's inner strength and passionate dedication to the ECSD!

     Alba Esposito-Brady

I am incredibly grateful to Joan for all of the opportunities she has afforded me over the course of my career. At one point, I was on a secondment to the University of Alberta. I was due to come back to the division, and was anxious about my admin placement upon my return. I ran into Joan at the division office, and she said, "Not to worry! We will take care of you. You will have a great placement." She did not forget that promise and I went on to enjoy a wonderful placement. I have never forgotten her kind reassurance! She was a wonderful role model as a woman in leadership, and will be missed.

     Nicole Lafreniere

Joan, you came into the leadership role as Superintendent as I was joining this amazing community of Edmonton Catholic Schools. A fresh baby teacher with you as the leader of the team! What a powerful example! It has been an amazing journey to share and learn alongside you at the helm of this family of educators. You have been a constant, humble, gracious and present leader for our division and your legacy of passion for Catholic Education will live on. Thank you for every smile, every word, every bit of energy you poured into your life and the lives of those around you. We will keep the memories alive and the stories shared!

     Cari Letourneau

So sorry for your families loss, I was able to work with Joan in getting all the Support Staff pre-paid benefits rather than having staff pay then collect. She was very caring and supportive with this issue and I was blessed to work with her.

     Christine Andrusiak

My condolences to the family and all impacted.

     Omar Quraishi.

Condolences and sympathy to Joan's family and friends. May she rest in peace.

     Shannon C.

I remember Joan coming out to speak to us at a New Assistant Principal Training meeting. Afterwards, Palma Covelli (District Leadership Principal) suggested to our group that sending Joan a thank you note is not a bad idea. So I did. She sent a thank you note back for thanking her. Joan was always gracious and took the time to acknowledge us individually. We kept in contact over this past year, and I appreciated the notes and thoughts she would offer. I am grateful that I had the chance to know her and be mentored by her directly and through the wonderful school leaders I work with. My deepest condolences to Kevin and family, and to the many people who called her friend. Her memory is a blessing.

     Karoline Irlbacher Jurijew

Joan visited our school a few years back and I was able to chat with her briefly, she was so down to earth and friendly that small connection was special and made me feel like we had a leader that cared and was interested in making a difference. Her legacy and commitment to Catholic Education will live on here at ECSD.

     Rita Storti

Joan was a teacher at heart and a gracious one at that. She met my elderly mother at an awards dinner where she took the time to chat with her about my mom's career and shared her love of teaching. It was a very appreciated moment and meant a great deal to my mother. Thanks Joan

     Deona Johnson

Joan was a person of great vision. I first encountered her when I was an active police officer investigating an incident Macdonald High School. Joan was quietly sitting in the office with the principal offer support to him. I arrived and was anxious to start my interview. I asked Joan who she was and why she was there. In her gracious quiet voice she said she was the superintendent of Edmonton Catholic Schools and she was concerned for her students. Every encounter with Joan after that was for her concern for her students. Joan's leadership and vision was always for her students. May God keep you with him. I always counted on you to do what could be done for the students.

     Rick Cole

Such a kind, caring and compassionate individual who cared for ALL students. You truly will be missed. RIP dear Joan!

     Luisa Molenaar

May your soul rest in peace Joan !

     Georgette Mukandila

I will always remember your sweet smile, the genuine love you had for the students, your commitment to Catholic Education, and your fancy shoes. Sleep in Peace.

     JAnice Francis

Joan Carr was a lovely person. I did not know her personally, but all her emails and communication with the entire school division made me feel like I did. I met her on the very first day of the 2018-2019 school year as she happened to be visiting my school that day. My classroom was in a far corner of the school away from everything else, but that didn’t stop Joan from popping in on her own to say “Hello” and have a nice conversation with me. Maybe this is silly, but I was really excited to meet her in person... I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! But she was just so down-to-earth and friendly, that I was not at all uncomfortable. I am truly saddened by her passing and I want to send my heartfelt prayers and condolences to her family.

     Lisa Fedan

My sincere condolences to Joan's friends and family. We at ECSD were so blessed to have her as our leader. She took the time to personally answer every one of my emails, and was genuinely interested in speaking to me whenever we saw each other in person. RIP, good and faithful servant.

     Connie Roy

My condolences to Joan's loved ones. I will always remember how after having one meeting with me, Joan, always remembered me and greeted me at District events. I was always surprised that with thousands of staff under her leadership, she would remember, little old me. What an amazing example of Leadership!

     Melanie Kidder

Beautiful woman, gone but never forgotten.

     Loretta Nowack

Joan was a great role model for me. When I was a new superintendent, she looked out for me. She would regularly check in and answer my endless questions. She would share resources with me and guide some of my decisions. She told me to call her anytime and I did. We served on an archdiocesan committee together (along with Henri Lemire) and I would look forward to those meetings because I learned so much from the two of them. I am forever grateful for her support and collegiality. Many people say "I don't know what I don't know." Joan tried to make sure that "I would know." We spoke three weeks ago and all she said about her health was "what a journey it has been." She was gracious to the end. I will miss her. May the loving embrace of Christ welcome her home.

     Cindi Vaselenak

Being a first year teacher, I met Joan and was immediately attracted by her warm spirit and love for education. While I did not know her as well as some, she truly did touch all of those she came into contact with.

     Mark Melenberg

Joan was a remarkable leader and visionary for students staff and community. As a principal she focused on children and staff, I flourished working in the loving school environment she created. As superintendent her vision and personableness were qualities that endeared her to principals and staff throughout the district. Joan’s Christ-centered leadership was valuable beyond measure! She truly made immense differences in our world and the world of Catholic Education.

     Cathy and Morris Sitko

Joan was always there as an advocate for Catholic Education and the quality of our schools. May she rest in peace eternally with our Lord.

     Paula Vinnick

Joan will always be a tremendous blessing to our district. Despite the extreme demands and stress of the job, she always greeted individuals....admin, teachers, E.A's, Custodial, with warmth & a generous smile. Joan will be missed.

     Julie Francois

Joan was a wonderful friend and a very strong advocate for the Tanbur African Aid Society (TAAS). When she learned that retired staff from Edmonton Catholic Schools were travelling to Burundi in 2008 to establish a school there, she immediately emailed every school in the district to request curriculum, textbooks, library books, school furniture, and school supplies. A school which follows the Alberta program was born! We have teased Joan, saying that Burundi English School is really HER 96th school! When St. Brendan School and St. James School closed, she gave us full access to the contents and so it has continued to this day. Joan has been a huge contributor to the success of this initiative! The staff and 260 students of Burundi English School say “Thank you!! from the bottom of our hearts!! May you know, Kevin, that we will miss Joan very much! She will live on in our minds and in our hearts! We wish you comfort and peace. Carol Bahry

     Carol Bahry

My condolences to the family. Joan was a caring administrator. She will be missed. I remember when my portable classroom was burned down, Joan came to the school to talk to me and to make sure my students and I were OK.

     Anna Maria Hrubizna (retired teacher)

Joan was a visionary for Catholic education. She always had a welcoming smile for everyone she met (WWJD). Joan was approachable and wanted to hear how things were going in the schools and welcomed any new ideas. She truly left her mark on ECSD and will remain an important part of history and her leadership will continue to shape the future. Joan helped ECSD become one of the strongest educational boards and I am thankful to have been a part of all of these amazing, creative steps forward. Heartfelt condolences to all her family and closest friends. Joan will be missed!

     Gloria Buxton

Thank you Joan, for all that you did to support Teachers in our district. With Joan's leadership and the community she built in the district, I felt at home in Edmonton Catholic Schools.

     Natalie Kuhn

My most sincere condolences for your loss. Joan was an amazing leader and i am humbled to have served the district under her leadership. I remember my first time meeting Joan I as a newly appointed assistant principal - she was so poised, kind and it was a humbling experiencing. She said you will be amazing I gave her my scarf and she wore it with pride. every time I saw her she remembered my conversation with her making me feel inspired to be the best i could. May she rest in peace as her legacy lives on in our hearts.

     Nella Funaro

Joan you have lived a remarkable life that touched the lives of many people including us. You will always be a part of our memories. May God grant you the eternal rest in heaven.

     Laudimer & Rose Guardamano

I was so very fortunate to have worked across the hallway from Joan prior to her assuming the superintendent position. We often talked about places around the world that we had visited or wished to visit. She will be looking down on us from a place beyond our world. Joan will be missed by everyone she met.

     Bob Ritter

Our prayers go to Kevin and Joan’s family as they grieve the loss of a very special lady. What a role model as a true “servant-leader “ she provided and will continue to provide for years to come. Joan’s dedication, warmth and caring about Catholic education, the students and staff were outstanding. Rest In Peace Joan, your work here is done.

     Lynne and Lou Duigou

Praying for faith to uphold you, and loving memories to heal your heart. May she Rest In Peace.

     Manon C.

You came, saw and conquered, but your impacts lives on

     Taiwo. O.

Joan was a gifted leader. The magic she inspired as principal of St. Richard School left a legacy of creativity, collaboration and community that lives on in the hearts and lives of the students, staff and parents that had the privilege of journeying with her. She was a role model, a mentor and a beacon of radiant light. She will be remembered well.

     Roxanne Rachinski

Thinking and praying for the close friends and family of Joan. My classroom will be thinking of you all during this time.

     Grade 5A STA

May the family and ECSD community find comfort from the many memories shared with Joan. Rest in eternal peace.

     Nick Masvikeni

Joan had a knack for making everyone feel special, when I received my 10 year award she thanked me for my dedication to my students and said, not only am I impacting them but in a sense the world, because they put out in the world what they themselves receive.

     Tammy Jurijew

A woman of grace and love for all she served which was evident whenever she spoke especially Faith Development Day.

     Adele LaFrance

Joan was a true inspiration as an educator. Her vision for inclusion made every student feel safe, welcomed, and inspired to learn. As a leader she was a true visionary. For me she encouraged me to be the leader that I am through her wisdom and examples, and had faith in my abilities to lead. I admired her vision and dedication to our division; she will be missed.


Joan was my principal at St. Richard when I was a student teacher there in 1998. I will fondly remember her for how approachable she was and how she treated staff with kindness. She was very "down to earth", always responding to my emails, no matter how busy she was. She was always open to hearing about my life and career over the past 2 decades. I will truly miss her positive, loving energy. May she rest in peace and Eternal Light shine upon her forever.

     Leslie Zydek

Thank you for your loving service to all, Joan! May you rest in peace!

     Phyllis Leoppky

My prayers and thoughts are with Kevin and family and with all associated with the Edmonton Catholic School system as you grieve for Joan and celebrate her life. Joan was a wonderful educator and I treasure my contacts with her and Kevin over many years.

     Sister Frances MacDougall CND

Many thanks to Joan Carr for being instrumental in the naming of Fr. Michael Troy Jr High School in ECSD .... This prayer was written by Fr. Michael Troy C.S.Sp All Season's Friends My God, today, I do commend, To you my dear and cherished friends. Try name them all by name were vain, For countless on my way, You've deigned To send them to me as I passed. To me they have been kind and true, Do Thou their hearts with grace renew, Peace in their minds for e’er remain, Their faltering steps with strength sustain, They helped me mightily as I passed. Return to them a hundred fold, The cheering love, they me enfold, Grant that together in Thy grace, Heart-linked for aye, we' ll see Thy face, In timeless love that never shall pass. When tears are o’er and partings through, Grant that those friends I loved and knew, May find a place near Thee above, For through their hearts, My God, to love, Unselfishly like Thee, I learned at last. Fr. Micahel Troy C.S.Sp

     Frank Sdao

Joan's life and many gifts touched and uplifted so many people, and for that we express sincere and deep gratitude. With her passing into new life, I offer my prayers that family and friends will be comforted in knowing that she has been welcomed into eternity with the tender embrace of our glorious God. (John 11:25)

     Troy Davies

3 years ago when our school first opened, my grade one students and I made a collaborative art piece entitled “Les Saisons” (the seasons). We decided to display it during our Fine Arts night. Joan was an honoured guest that evening, and exclaimed to our principal she loved the art piece and would enjoy hanging an art piece like that in her office. My students and I were so excited our work caught her eye, that we decided as a class she should have it! Joan was so lovely and so grateful that after I sent her that, she took time out of her busy schedule to write me back a card with a gift card attached thanking me for the gift. I still have and cherish it to this day! It was such a thoughtful gesture, and little did Joan know- I appreciated it so much it was the highlight of that school year for me. I didn’t know Joan personally, only as our school districts esteemed super intendant, but, I didn’t need to know her personally to know her spirit’s radiating warmth. Her light shone through to those who didn't even know her personally, in the small things she did that others may think is not important...but she still did it and did it with such big love.  She will be so dearly missed. She will always remain a beautiful role model and example to us of living a life filled with God's light and love. ❤️

     Gillian W

*JOAN* was a true gem; beautiful both inside and out. Whenever I hear her name I will think of her fondly and how kind and caring she was. Her memory will always stay alive in my heart and it was just the best to start the school year off giving her a hug on the 1st day off school where she stood outside the school welcoming all, her passion and dedication shining through. She was my modern day Mother Teresa and I am proud to say I had such a role model. Rest in peace Dear Joan and it is comforting to know that You will be welcomed into heaven and God's loving and protective arms around You. Lovingly, Connie

     Connie Mackney

Joan was a kind and compassionate women. When I first got to Newman she saw me and told me which books not to buy, which she will loan me. I had a brain injury and was away from our District for many, many years, yet Joan took the time to mail me all the little gifts given out to the principals. This was very special to me. It made me feel still part of the team , which I missed dearly!!

     Roma Martiuk

An amazing Lady, wonderful leader!!! Thank you so much for everything! May she rest in peace and Eternal Light shine upon her forever.


My thoughts and prayers are with all of her loved ones. I am certain she is watching over all of us from heaven now. Joan led us with so much kindness and love. She supported our work and our district through difficult times and through joyous moments. Every time I had the opportunity to speak to her, she was always so positive, so encouraging, so supportive and did it all with a lovely smile. I admired her energy, her unwavering support of Catholic education, her love and commitment to our profession to our students and to education. I loved her strength and her humility. You were a mentor in so many ways to us all Joan. God bless! Until we meet again!

     Julieta Zelada

Joan, You were a true Servant Leader with a passion for learning and loving. I will always remember my very first August Admin meeting and listening to you share your summer vacation details as well as your reading. You were always thinking, reflecting and learning to better yourself and our district! May your soul rest in peace knowing we will continue with your dream.

     Joanna Schipper

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and the family. May your fond memories sustain you as we all celebrate Joan's dedication to education.

     Bill and Joy Myskiw

Joan was an incredible visionary and leader for Catholic Education. I appreciated the direction and focus she shared. I enjoyed listening to the stories she shared, there was always a strong connection to our faith. May she find comfort and love in heaven's arms. God Bless.


Joan was a great, caring and hardworking leader. I used to call her Boss. She cared so much for ECSD. I remember her work on our committee to design and name the school Archbishop Joseph MacNeil in 2001. We do remember that for a number of years we ran into her and Kevin outside of Edmonton - in San Diego, Vancouver and at the airport.

     David & Cheryl Andrews

Kevin, John remembers with pleasure his friendship with you, Joan and others, when you were a group of young people. He still talks about a challenging mountain hike with you which he experienced. We are deeply sorry for her loss and grateful for her life. My memorable but brief encounter with Joan occurred just a few years ago. We wish to extend to you and your family our sincerest condolences and wish you every blessing at this difficult time.

     John&Colleen LaPerle.

May you rest in eternal peace Joan! You were such a kind person and always made me feel welcomed and appreciated! Especially during the hard times, you were there to support us!

     Daniela Stabile

Joan supported me as an educator and as a personal friend. I have fond memories of our time teaching at St. Clement School, she the grade one teacher and I the grade two teacher. Joan was a quiet person with a great sense of humor. She inspired those around her with her commitment to children and the teachers who taught them. Rest In Peace my friend, you will be missed. My sincere condolences to Kevin and family.

     Charolette Player

Superintendent Joan Carr was very professional in dealing with people. She listened and cared about the teachers who worked in the Edmonton Catholic School Board. She had great concern about Catholic Education in the city of Edmonton and the province. She will be greatly missed as an outstanding individual.

     Emil Guzik B.A., Grad. Educational Diploma, Retired Ecsd Teacher

She was a strong Lady with kind Heart.

     Bharat Chaudhary

I so appreciate the efforts and dedication that Joan spent on ensuring our District has strong Catholic Education! I admired her for her passion to Catholic Education and I am very grateful for all she did to ensure our staff and students were well served in this area. 1. Joan saw the deep importance of having the new Religious Education Program in all the K-9 schools and she committed to having the District pay the $$ for all the new resources and Professional Development, rather than the $$ come out of every school's budget. 2. Joan committed to a 1st class Faith Development Day, a Gr 8 Student Faith Day as well as the wonderful day of Faith Formation in April, Care for Creation. 3. Joan envisioned the District Chaplains (two priests) idea and we now have two wonderful priests that can help schools meet their needs when our parish priests cannot help out. 4. Joan committed to every school having a School Chaplain; this is such a wonderful opportunity to further build faith in ALL our schools, not just the High Schools, at the grassroots level. My deepest condolences to Joan's husband and family. She was a hard worker, a classy lady and forward thinker. I'm grateful for the times when I got to work with her. She will be deeply missed and will be remembered for her excellent leadership of ECSD. Blessings of peace.

     Janice Stefancik

Thank you for your servant leadership.

     SJ Savrtka

Thank you for your dedications in Catholic education! May your soul rest in heaven and pray for our Catholic education to serve the will of God.

     Tracy Lam

In every encounter with Joan she would look you in the eye and listen. In her visits to my school she showed genuine concern for each staff member even asking if so and so seemed a little tired. Her ability to listen to any Principal concern was a measure of her love of education and for children. She is missed and cherished. Rest in the glorified arms of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

     Gary Rehman

May our Heavenly Father hold you in his Loving arms. Rest In Peace.

     Diane Schienbein

Many years ago I got a job working for Joan Carr at the school board. She was such a fantastic lady to work for. I went on to work in the schools until I got pregnant. Then I came to visit one day and she asked me to return as a relief receptionist for the summer break. I would have totally taken it but I surprised her and said I was having my first baby. When Frere Antoine had its fire a few years back she was there to support all of us and when I met her in the hallways she gave a big hug and told me not to worry that everything was going to be handled. I knew it would if she was involved. I am so grateful to have met and worked for her she is truly going to be missed.

     Stephanie Markakis-Plouffe

Condolences to her family ❤️

     Shania Whitford

I fondly remember and will always cherish how Joan took the time to check in on me personally and frequently when I was seconded to Kitaskinaw School during ECSD’s partnership with Enoch First Nation. She was caring, compassionate, committed to building positive relationships, and an advocate for Indigenous education. Her warm smile and confident, gentle words always warmed my heart. In eternal memory...

     Nicole Maas

Thank you for your years of commitment to strengthening Catholic Education in Edmonton. Rest in Peace.

     M Tiahlo

I will always remember the day Joan interviewed me for ECSD. I was so nervous, but she made me feel comfortable and welcomed. She was inspiring and was always present when visiting our schools. She will be greatly missed. RIP.

     Amber Morgan-Manchuk

Joan always ensured that the least advantaged and most vulnerable of our students were taken care of.

     Dean R

I still cannot believe that Joan always knew how old my boys were and which milestones they were about to pass. She kept on ask about Luke and how he is loving school and even during her battle with cancer she asked about Nolan. We were fortunate enough to share a picture of Nolan while at Disneyland on January 16 meeting the chipmunks. We will miss you so much Joan. God bless

     John Korassa

Condolences to the family, she was a wonderful women and will be sadly missed. Eternal memory. 🙏 ✝️

     Monica Polutranko

Thank you for everything you have done for the district and for our children over your years of service. Your beautiful smile will be missed. May your soul rest in peace.

     Majeda Yaghi

I don't really have any personal memories of Joan Carr, but I know that she was a beautiful person inside and out and I wish that I would have had the opportunity to know her better. I am very saddened by the news of her passing and very much relate to her family as both my parents died from cancer in 2017. May her family find comfort and peace in knowing that their loved one is no longer in pain but is rejoicing in God's eternal love.

     Maria Gutierrez

My family and I were deeply saddened to hear of Joan’s passing. We will remember her for her contributions to our beautiful Basilica, especially at the 8:30am Mass. I’ll also be forever grateful for her endorsement and push to help get the Playground rebuild going at St. Maria Goretti School!

     Reg Fee

I will always remember Joan for her warm smile whenever she came to Ben Calf Robe, she was always so caring and kind was so supportive of our school. Joan cared so deeply about the students and staff - she was a true gem and a very special lady. Thank you for all that you did for the District. I shall miss you may you Rest In Peace.

     Ann Hammond

My first interview with ECSD 25 years ago was with Joan. Thank you for believing in me and allowing my teaching journey to grow as a Catholic educator! Your passion and drive for Catholic Education will continue to inspire me.

     Cindy Dallaire

At the time, I was a math consultant, and I was lucky enough to be part of a small committee that helped bring the idea and initiative of conscious permeation of Christ-centred learning through curriculum. I was honored to be invited to Joan's office to give her ideas of what we had in mind for a division-wide Permeation video - it was a big deal to me and an honour to be planning such a great vision for a large community - Edmonton Catholic Schools. This was probably in 2009! A lot has happened since then - permeation of the Catholic faith is strong, and continues to be a focus in our division, and is so important in distinguishing Catholic education from other school boards. Without Joan's vision for Catholic education, we still might not be in this fight to keep the fire alive. Joan, your flame will forever be eternal! Thank you for your leadership; you are loved; you will be missed.

     Joseph Estephan

Joan was my Principal at St. Richard Elementary School. She made our school feel like a warm, cozy home. She welcomed everyone into our school everyday to a new day of learning, loving and praising God. Her dedication to her profession, authenticity and genuine faith in God shone through to everyone she was in contact with. It was an honour to work beside her; and learn by her example. Rest in our Lord’s warm arms Joan, you have worked so very hard for so many. You will not be forgotten.

     Coline Podaima

Joan Carr has been the superintendent of ECSD from as far as I can remember... I feel like she made my entire Catholic Education possible. Although ECSD has lost a great leader, now is the time to enable her legacy from the all the great leaders she has created within the district. My deepest condolences to her family.

     Leonard G

May her memory be eternal and her spirit soar with the angels! Go rest high on that mountain Joan, for your work here on earth is done! Thank you for your years of selfless dedication, unfailing support and boundless determination in making the Edmonton Catholic School District the best that it could be! Condolences to her entire family. May perpetual light shine upon her; may she Rest In Peace, comforted in the loving arms of our Lord. She will be missed dearly.

     Trent and Carol Bernakevitch and family

My greatest moment was getting a call from Joan on the night of the election, congratulating me on my win. Can you imagine? Joan phoning me? When I saw her name on my phone it was as surreal as winning the election!❤️

     Lisa Turchansky

Joan Carr was always compassionate and empathetic. She represents what is best in Catholic education. She genuinely listened and followed Christ's example when dealing with concerns of students, parents, teachers and other staff. My sympathy to her loved ones.

     Evelyn Dunnigan

A very dedicated leader, I have been with ECSD for about 34 years and retired now but since her role as superintendent she has been a great leader for ECSD.

     Maria McKay

Thank you Joan for all you did for ECSD...your dedication to Catholic education was an inspiration... I loved serving under your direction. May you Rest In Peace 🙏

     Manuela Ninassi

My sympathies and prayers are with Kevin Carr and family, as well as with the Edmonton Catholic School System as you grieve the loss of Joan Carr. Joan lived and modeled what it is to be a baptized Christian, following Christ as a true disciple dedicated to teaching the Word of God, acting with Justice and guiding others to what it means to live life to the fullest. Joan's Spirit of compassionate care and concern for others, especially those most in need, will go forward with all those who have learned from her.

     Sister Jeannette Filthaut S.P.

My fondest memory of Joan Carr was back in 2014 when I opened Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre. It was the night of the official Blessing by his Eminence, Cardinal Thomas Collins. Joan and I had a quick conversation about the opening of the school. She talked about how the idea of an upgrading and completion centre came to her while relaxing on the beach. I turned to Joan and said that I am so blessed to be the one chosen as principal to live out your dream. It was not only Joan's words that meant a lot to me at that time but also her smile from ear to ear. Joan and I connected so well on this concept because we saw this as an opportunity to support students on a whole new level. This also once again reinforced my constant belief that Joan always puts the needs of students first - unconditional love! Thank you Joan for being our leader, shepherd and beacon of light. I will miss you dearly, but I am comforted to know that you are at peace in God's loving arms.

     William Moreau

Your strong legacy of Catholic Education, striving for success and respect for all will continue to be our pathway in Edmonton Catholic Schools. In God's arms you can gently rest.

     Lisa Falcone

My deepest condolences

     Jodi Loner

You know, Joanie gave me a handwritten invite on her Superintendent's stationary to speak before the ECSD Board in favour of me trying to get a school in Edmonton Public named after my late mom June C. Koopmans, B. Ed. who died in January 2012 of a stroke at 68. All this & I'm not even Catholic, & the ECSD board gave me a separate invite to speak by email & so I did. I just cannot believe the class that was Joan Carr. Ever so kind & a couple of ECSD retired Trustees did send in support letters. It all relates to the late former John Patrick Day, a 1 term ECSD Catholic Trustee who was died in 2007. He was friends with Joan & introduced me to her when she was an Asst. Superintendent. Now that they are both in Heaven, John Patrick & Joan can go around together getting the laudits & tributes she deserved for promoting Catholic education so well. And my dear mum can meet Joan & John Patrick to & show Joan how peaceful & pain free life upstairs is now, free of worry for them all!

     Rory J. Koopmans

Sincere condolences to Joan's family. RIP Joan, Thank you for your great leadership

     Laurene Pottruff

How fortunate ECSD was to have had somebody commit so much of their life to serving Jesus and the school board. She will be greatly missed.

     Greg Gartner

I have had a few positive interactions with Joan Carr but a couple really stand out. The first was when she came to our school for the superintendent's breakfast meeting. She sat and chatted with us informally and made us feel like we really mattered to her. I was new to early learning at the time and she shared her special love for early learning. It meant so much to hear how she valued us and what we do. The other time was when I saw her years later at teacher's convention and I said hello and she remembered my name. I was shocked that she knew who I was and she laughed and told me back my teaching journey. I had no idea she even knew who I was. It was evidence that she genuinely cared about everyone under her administration.

     Nancy Bromley

Only knew her from afar, but loved how she was so personable to an SNA, I felt I was valued and appreciated..the fact that our Catholic faith was primary in her view of how our System was different from the Public System..we were very fortunate to have her as Superintendent to encourage new programs which enriched so many young sad that she won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of her labour in retirement years..but may she now be enjoying the peace and joy of our Loving Father in heaven..

     Pat O’Connor

There are so many wonderful memories I have of our precious Mrs Joan. It all started 10 years ago with a ticked off parent (me) called her. My plate was overflowing with 3 medically sick children and the aides were about to go on strike. I never thought she would ever call me back but she sure did. I don’t know what Joan did but she made sure Connor (who has a brain injury) was never at home not one day. I didn’t ask how she made it all work. From that day she kept us very close and that is when Connor named her Mrs. Joan. It was shocking how their friendship came to be but she was always taking his emails (a 14 year old) and calls she never once let one message go unanswered. Connor loves her with his whole body. She was very honest with him with what was going on as she knew he knew the medical world all too well. It helped he is the best secret keeper out there. Joan was there when Connor was transitioned to Grade 7 and she decided what school he would go to. We have just started to make the move to Grade 10 and we definitely had her blessings. It breaks my heart their plans to have her give Connor his diploma will not happen. As our friendship grew she was the one that help me create my company that I have today and was a huge supporter to allow me to be successful. Joan even created a job for me at ECSD to support schools. What more could I ask for. I had the best cheerleader and one that had confidence in my ability to be successful. When she needed support with our St. Alphonsus School, she asked me to help. I was more than willing to take the lead and bring their playground to life and continue to support them even today. What I will miss most is my emails called “Word on the Street” a little note of crazy things that happened to keep her in the loop and to brighten her day. We also had a good chuckle with what ever the topic was. To Mrs. Joan the Streets love you more than words can say! We will miss you today and forever! Until we see each other again! XOXOXO

     Kim Street

I had the pleasure of working directly with Joan when I was with ECSD as a web developer from 2002-07 and I will always have the deepest respect for Joan. She was a lady full of integrity, drive and tenacity. She will always be one of my bosses that I hold in the highest regard and personally admired. She is gone too soon.

     Leanne S Fedje

Joan will always be remembered for her leadership skills, her desire for every child to succeed and her forward thinking with Inclusive Education. It was an honour to work under her leadership. Rest in peace Joan. Your courageous love, faith and spirit will be remembered by everyone, even those who opposed you. It's what great leaders do!!

     Dan Friedt (retired administrator)

Thank you to Joan for her devoted 45 years in our school district and leader of our ECSD Family... Joan... you gave so much of yourself throughout your life... and sacrificed time with your own family and friends... to be the best and most faithful Superintendent that ECSD has ever had. You made us famous and respected ... in the Educational community, and you had to make very difficult decisions during your tenure... but your strength and determination were lessons many admired (or feared). No leader is loved by everyone... but you made sure that it was the students and families of ECSD that always came first. As an educator with ECSD for 30 years now... I have lived through a few different Superintendents in my career... but you were the longest and most dedicated, as well as being a role model for living a Catholic life. Thank you for not treating me like a number Joan. Your quick responses to my emails, your genuine concern for how much people truly care about our goals and initiatives, and your sincere hugs of friendship and thankfulness... will never be forgotten by people who were blessed to know you as some of us did. I feel so sad that you did not get to enjoy the freedom of retirement ... but God knows best... and you likely would not have enjoyed it as much as you must have enjoyed being our leader for so many years. I express my sincere condolences to your family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues. You will be greatly missed by many... and it will be very difficult to replace a person like you Joan - a legacy to ECSD. Your star will always shine brightly in our memories Joan 🌟 With prayers 🙏🏼❤️✝️ and hugs 💞... 🦅Eagle Spirit Erlene Monteith♥️

     Erlene Monteith

My thoughts and prayers are with your family , RIP

     Karen Sacobie

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